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5 Causes and 2 way cope with hair loss

Is your hair loss?
How to cope with rapid hair loss?

5 Causes and 2 way cope with hair loss

Well this first post I will discuss about hair loss and how to cope effectively and quickly.

Hair loss is a natural thing for men and women, but if the hair loss has been a lot of and above the normal limit, then you need to care for and cope with the loss. many ways can cope with hair loss, ranging from the natural way up with various vitamins or medications that can nourish your hair. Hair loss in said abnormal when it reaches 50 to 100 hairs fall out.

Before that let us correction yourself if things below we've ever done, which can cause hair loss we:
  1. Eat food extra spicy and hot.
  2. Experiencing Stress can also cause hair loss.
  3. The age-old (signs of aging)
  4. Shampoo tidah match your hair type.
  5. Comb too tightly

Hair loss treatment naturally.

Many natural ingredients supplied god to us, including:
  • Hair loss treatment with aloe vera flowers
  • Hair loss treatment with avocado
  • Hair loss treatment using yogurt
  • Hair loss treatment with olive oil or coconut oil
  • Hair loss treatment with egg white
  • Hair loss treatment using honey

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